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Massage Services

  • Full Body Deep Tissue Massage - 60mins - £52
  • Deep Tissue Back Massage - 30mins - £32

Deep-tissue massage therapy is often recommended by Health Professionals as a treatment option for various physical ailments. This treatment focuses on the deep layers of muscle and fascia in the body. It is often associated with the promotion of wellbeing but can be most effective in:-

  • relieving chronic pain and alleviating muscle tension
  • reducing blood pressure, boosting circulation and reducing toxins in the body
  • easing stress, tension pain, headaches, rigid joints and stiffness
  • the treatment of injured muscles including whiplash and back strain

  • Full Body Relaxing Massage - 60mins - £52
  • Relaxing Back Ma​ssage - 30mins - £32

  • Cleansing Back treatment - 45mins - £42 A facial for your back! This treatment is extremely relaxing however it gives your skin the Included in your Back an ​energising exfoliation customised mask followed by your leaving your

  • Reflexology - 60mins - £42     

Reflexology is a pressure point ​massage carried out on the feet. This treatment can promote the feeling of wellbeing and aid in relaxation. It other systems of your body.