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Wellbeing Services

Life Coaching

Life Coaching Masterclass 60 mins £50

If you've ever wondered what Life Coaching is then this is for you!

Your 1 hour session can be quite transforamtional in itself. It can give the insight you need if you're thinking of going that step further to opt for a course of Transforamtional Life Coaching.

Transformational Life Coaching over 2 days £600

Are you ready to seek help, change your thought processes and to stop feeling limited in life?

If you've answered yes then this is for you. This is your one to one, Transformational Life Coaching course. So, if you're ready to take action to make specific changes in your life give us a call. The changes will be attainable and realistic!


NLP session  £95

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can help with many things where you just feel stuck!

It can take anything from 1 to 3 sessions. NLP has excellent results for problems with anxiety, depression, confidence, insomnia, smoking, the list goes on and on.